Webflow Blog vs Ghost Vs Wordpress Blog

Hi All,

I am an absolute newbie to web design and blogging lost with where to start. To keep things short and simple, I want to start a blog but have no idea which platform to use between Webflow, Ghost & Wordpress Blog.

I have the following questions:

  1. Which platform will be the cheapest to run on a monthly basis?
  2. Would I be required to pay more than the monthly Webflow or Ghost costs of approx. $30? If so, what will those other costs be for?
  3. What would be a good strategy to build my follower base vs a publishing on a platform like Medium?

Apologies in advance for the Noob questions.

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I’ve never heard of ghost but i’d say Webflow over Wordpress for sure. For a blog, the CMS plan should work fine, it’s $16/month. Then your domain would be like $10-$20 per year.

No reason you can’t post your blog posts on both Medium and your Webflow site. Link to your Webflow site/blog from your Medium posts.

Thanks for your response.

As I am non tech newbie, how could I drive traffic from Medium to my Webflow site? And should I budget for any other expenses above the CMS plan of $16/month as I have seen some people stating that their blog costs are around $300/month in total?

Post some of your blogs on Medium and promote (link) your main site within those posts.

Who knows what kind of expenses they have going out. I wouldn’t over think it, you can always add more stuff later as your blog grows.

To start:

  • CMS Plan: $16/month for an annual plan, or, $20/month for a monthly plan
  • Optional Custom Domain (recommended): $12 / year or so depending on what domain name you choose

Thanks! Much appreciated!

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