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What plan for a small nonprofit?

I’m making a site for a client (a small nonprofit) and am having trouble determining the best plan for them to purchase.
They need to be able to collect donations, but other than that, the site is very simple and won’t have much content added to it in the future.
To be able to collect donations, can they purchase the basic plan and just use something like to embed a donation form, or would they have to go all the way up to buying a standard e-commerce site to be able to collect donations? The price difference is significant so I want to be sure they need the e-commerce one before I make the purchase.
Thanks for your help!

Hey Heidi!

Based on your description of your client’s needs, I would say that the Basic or CMS plans would be the perfect fit for you. If the only transactions that will be happening on the site are one-way donations (meaning the donator doesn’t receive any sort of product or compensation for their contribution), then you wouldn’t need to shell out for the eCommerce plan. This plan would only be needed for a fully fledged web store that sells physical or digital products.

In terms of a platform to accept donations, there are many that allow you to either accept donations via an embedded element on the page (such as the PayPal Donation Button), or redirect the user to a third-party site to make their donation (like DonorBox). I can personally speak for DonorBox, as it is something that I have used in the past to take donations for a non-profit. However, there are many services out there, so I am sure you can find one that is perfect for your client’s needs!

If cost is an issue for your client when it comes to getting the right plan, you may want to inquire with the Webflow Customer Support team about any non-profit discounts they have to offer. It isn’t a guarantee, but other forum users have mentioned that the team was willing to help out with a discounted service.

Let me know if you have any further questions! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Tyler!

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