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Allowing Clients access to edit their website

My goal is to have a pro account plan so i can develop the site for clients and then transfer the project to them so i dont have access to edit that project once its finished. Is there a way for the clients im building the site for to pay less than the basic plan of $12 a month if all their need is hosting? or do they need to basic plan no matter what?

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If you’re on a paid Account plan you can export projects to host externally.

Certain features are available only when you host on Webflow (CMS, Ecommerce, Site Search, and Form Processing) but assuming your clients are just looking for a static site then you should have no problem going that route :+1:


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Ok awesome thank you! so if they wanted to have a shopping cart and payment processor they would have to get the basic plan then?

If you’re wanting to stay on Webflow’s hosting and utilize their Ecommerce functionality, you’d need the Ecommerce Site Plan (shown at the link below after clicking on the “Ecommerce plans” tab):

You can probably incorporate some purchasing on a small catalog of items with the Basic Site Plan although I’d imagine for most ecommerce integrations you’d run into some limitations and pain points with management so the CMS Site Plan is a better option here but not necessary.

Both the Basic Site or CMS Site options would require something like or (although there are tons of other options out there as well like PayPal Buttons or Square Online Checkout) to allow customers to actually purchase products—the only “out of the box” solution using Webflow is with one of their Ecommerce Site Plans mentioned above :+1:

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very helpful. thank you