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What is wrong with webflow!?

I have never loathed using a product more than this piece of crap… Everything is constantly buggy and clearly not thought out or tested at all.

I just spent a week building and perfecting my portfolio as someone who can actually code, then I open it on different devices and find out its all for nothing cuz real life Vs what that designer shows is not the same! everything is moved and out of scale and literaly had to design everything over from scratch since things don’t just work!

Yall should stop trying to be funny on videos and fix this platform up a bit… Been too long without competition aparantly…

Sorry you’re having trouble with the platform @K_R but without more information we can’t say exactly things aren’t working as you’d expect.

Webflow offers a fairly robust set of video and article tutorials at in the University and while it definitely helps to know web development, certain aspects may differ from what you’re typically used to—especially with breakpoints and classes.

Without more information we can’t really do much to help you but I’m more than happy to give some advice if you share your read-only link:

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