What is the best programming language for customs animation?

I have no knowledge of CSS/Html or Js but I think that for what I aspire to do in terms of web pages I will need to learn some language, could some recommend the best language for complex animations that may escape the internal system that brings webflow by default?

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More than just answering Javascript, which is the simplest way to achieve front end animations, you should also rely on an animation library such as GSAP

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Thanks for the information, javascrip and GSAP are different things or the same or associated ??? Iā€™m new to this sorry, could you recommend me a page where it is explained or at least to go familiarizing myself with these tools or a tutorial? Thank you very much for your answer.

Sir you need to dive into html and css education, then JS.
There are millions of e-learning platforms.
Codeacademy is one HTML & CSS Courses & Tutorials | Codecademy