Using Javascript in Webflow

Hello. I am wondering what the best way to get started on using Javascript and adding custom animation features
to projects. I have been using WF for a while and am curious about how to do this. I have seen many instances
where some tutorials refer to pasting code, etc. Not a lot of coding experience on my part.

Any ideas.

Thanks in advance

Each of the following two links contain several examples and tutorials for implementing advanced JavaScript animations using Webflow.

A good starting point without having to dive into custom code is the Interactions page for Webflow:

Another great (and brand new!) set of tutorials is found on Webflow’s 3D Transforms page:

Regarding custom code, this is something that’s usually needed on a per-project basis, and would involve something you might want to do that’s not doable within Webflow’s default set of tools. In other words, inserting custom code is only really necessary as a last resort, or when you’re trying to do something Webflow doesn’t natively support. The best place to start with this is Webflow’s Custom Code course:


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