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What is the best practice for working with client's ecommerce website?

Hi! I hope somebody could give me a piece of advice on my question… I am about to implement some changes to my client’s Webflow e-commerce website. It’s mostly design changes, nothing regarding e-commerce features themselves. What is the best practice to do so? Should I do it right away on my live website publishing when changes approved? I’ve read that backup is tricky whenever it comes to collections and e-commerce. Can I duplicate the whole website, work in duplicated version and after changes approved by the client just copy-paste the pieces into the running project? Thank you guys in advance for sharing your experiences and thoughts!

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Hello Karina,

I would say this depends on how frequently the client is updating other parts of the site from the Editor. If you are able to make the changes in a few days, while ensuring the client doesn’t need to make any content updates in that time, then I would probably just make the changes in the live site, and then only publish to the “” subdomain for them to review and approve the changes before pushing live to the main domain.

If the changes will take longer than this and the client will need to be making content updates in the Editor while you work on the changes, then I typically duplicate the site and make the changes in the copy, then once approved copy/paste the new elements into the live site to push them live.

I hope this helps and best of luck with the updates!

Thank you @Corey_Moen ! We decided to go with duplicated version right now. Not the best solution but the only one in our case. Changes are small but there a lot of them :expressionless: I try to keep track of them and implement them as soon as my client approves.