What is the best breakpoint to start designing a website in Webflow?

Hello, good afternoon, my name is Sebastian, and today I am writing in search of your help.
I need to know and understand where to start designing a website, how to start putting it together.
From what point to what point.
I have taken your WebFlow university courses, but I have not found it.
This should be a topic for you to keep in mind.
I can’t know which device to start from, whether from mobile 320 px to 2500 px Desktop or vice versa from 1440 px to mobile.
Please could you help me?
Thank you


Always start at the base desktop breakpoint since Webflow cascades styles down and up from there.

Style changes cascade both up and down (bidirectional cascade). They cascade up starting from 992px (desktop) and down from desktop to mobile. This means that styles applied on desktop, 1280px, 1440px, and 1920px cascade up to larger devices and styles you set on the desktop breakpoint cascade down and apply to the tablet and both mobile device sizes. All styles set on tablet will be carried over to the mobile breakpoints. You can override any styles inherited from a higher breakpoint.

This cascading nature applies to textual styles unless a style is overwritten. You can customize your designs for small and large screens using breakpoints.