Design on Breakpoints

I look at Customizing your design on Breakpoints

and not understand why elements on mobile not do the website to smaller screens if I do size and configure in mobile settings

so I cant do website for all devices in webflow?
if i do for 3 different sizes of mobile different design and sizes of elements how i can save changes for each other if it have only one layot for all mobile

Your problem is that you’re using absolute sizing for your elements, for example, your slider has a width of 768px instead of something like 100vw. You’re also using margins to position your items instead of things like Flexbox.

You still need an understanding of responsive design to work with Webflow, and they do a pretty good job at teaching you literally everything you need to know in their ultimate web design course which will take about 5-6 hours to complete:

Also, using images for all of your content is a terrible idea. Your website will load slowly depending on the image sizes. You’re using PNG instead of JPG which is almost unacceptable unless you need the transparency or absolute quality for some reason. (Photography website, modelling, etc).

Everything other than your backgrounds can be created with some styling and text, which can then be read by good and they can then show your website to others.

I started with Webflow 2 days ago, and this is what I have so far;

It works perfectly on all devices.

I do not have a web-development background either.

You can also check out the vehicles page, which uses the CMS system to dynamically get data about a vehicle I’ve entered.

i dont understand where to rule this parametr

and what do you mean here

Dynamic data: - the Webflow CMS allows you to create a database of information, which you can dynamically link to/pull information from and present it in your site.

VW / VH / % / px : can all be entered in margin, padding or width or height here:

I agree with @CTucker1327 - learn about flexbox which is great for dealing with things on different breakpoints, also follow some full site tutorials, there is a learning curve, but it is worth it. To solve your problems you may need to rebuild your site - but do so with some of this new found knowledge.

Also, why not start with a free template, and change around the settings to see how they were built, or if you find a template or showcased site that you like, view the preview link to see how it was made. Search the and also the forum search, and you will often find similar issues solved/explained.


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Once again, I highly recommend the playlist I’ve given you as it will explain everything. I’ve sent that to two of my friends and within a week they’ve both made professional looking websites, and we’re already starting to get business developing static sties for local companies

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