What happens with my redirects if I cancel my CMS Hosting?


maybe you can help me. I want to cancel / delete a small blog with CMS hosting, as we made a blog for our main site. It is two separate domains and two web hosting. That of our main site and that of the old weblog.

Now if I cancel the web hosting of the old blog, what happens? Will the site still be maintained? Will my redirects be preserved? I have redirected all the web addresses of the old blog to the new blog so they don’t get lost in Google or hit 404 pages.

Thanks to you

I believe redirects only work on paid plans.

That would be really clumsy and not well solved. Especially because I don’t want to publish the page anymore anyway, but the links are circulating on Google in any case.

I have written to the support, how this could be solved, because I don’t want people to hit 404 pages. Since would make the whole CMS hosting somehow superfluous, for example, if you want to merge two pages and have to delete one of them.

Thanks to you for your feedback

Many greetings