What happens to my site after my Student Plan expires?

Hello! Hope you’re doing ok.
I am a college student and I want to make a blog for some project I have with my faculty. I am interested in applying to the student discount, but I do not know what happens with my site after the year of the discount expires. Do I have to pay for the account after that? Can I re-apply to the student discount if I can prove I am still a student? Thanks for any help.

Hey Andres -Some website builder platforms may offer an extension of the student discount for another year or a reduced rate for students who have already applied for the discount. It’s worth checking with the website builder platform to see if they offer any options for continuing the discount.

If you are no longer a student after the discount period expires, you may not be eligible for the student discount anymore. However, some website builder platforms may allow you to reapply for the discount if you can provide proof that you are still a student.Hope this cleared your doubt

You’re spot on! If you’re a student who wants to keep using a website builder with a student discount after the first one runs out, try contacting the platform’s support or reading their rules. They might let you keep the discount or reapply for it if you prove you’re still a student. It’s best to ask the platform itself because each service can have different rules.