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What exactly does CDN-delivered hosting provide?


Just curious, could someone please explain what exactly Webflow CDN hosting is?

I’m thinking of purchasing the Personal Plan, but I’m just curious about performance as well. On CDN hosting, is there any difference in website performance between having 1 website set up vs having 20 websites set up? What I’m really trying to ask is… as I increase the number of websites I manage, will there be a performance hit on each website?

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Their new CDN is for paid plans yes, so you should expect good performances for your hosted sites, and the number of the sites you have doesn’t count at all or affect the performances. What affect the performances of the CDN is the total of activity on a server at a time. And one server must be containing a very lot of webflows sites, not only yours. More than the number, it’s the activity, visits, hits they generate.

But the technology of today request more power on the users’ end than on the server. The server gives the html+js+css code along with the js lib files, it’s only transfer to the user, then the users’ computer and browser process the whole to build the pages and interactions. The old school technology, the one behind Wordpress for example, requires a PHP program on the server and a database. Any time a user request a page, the server runs PHP and picks data in the base to build a html page that is sent to the user. That’s a lot more computer power required and possibilities to end up with a weak or undersized hosting. These technologies have been built when end users’ computers were very weak. Now your iPhone or Android is kinda tremendously powerful so it allows for heavy use of Javascript and CSS anims.

Hi @jmak35 - as @vincent mentioned, there isn’t any different between the performance with regards to the number of sites you host with us. The hosting infrastructure is distributed across our entire CDN so it’ll be snappy everywhere.

Thank you so much @vincent for your descriptive explanation. I now have a clearer understanding of what a CDN actually is. Thanks also @brryant, however I was also wondering whether you could tell me which CDN network webflow works with? Do you have a deal with MaxCDN or akamai? Just curious really.


They did a blog post about just that recently. They go with Fastly and claim it’s the fastest on the planet no less (:

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