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What custom codes/integrations are you using for you Webflow page?


I wanted to know what custom codes everyone is using on their Webflow site. I have come across some pretty useful ones for myself and would be keen to see if there is anything else worth using.

I am using:

1- Google Analytics
2- TypeForm (Signup Forms)
3- Hotjar (Heatmapping)
4- AddThis (Social Sharing)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Its a pity this thread has no activity since may.

I was just about starting a thread on the best heatmapping for a webflow site and i bumped on this.
I’ll check out hotjar.

But how do you deploy it to your webflow site?

You can get the tracking code from the Hotjar in the top right corner of the Hotjar dashboard.

Just copy and paste that into custom code area for each page and publish.

+1 for hotjar.

i don’t use many other integrations besides google analytics and hotjar but i look forward to seeing what other embeds you guys are using.

i have used typeform externally where folks access it from a link embedded in a getting started pdf i send but hadn’t considered using it on any sites directly. i may add it to my toolbox for clients.

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