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What can i fix to speed up my site?

Hello everyone, I am new here and looking for some help. I have been tasked with figuring out how to increase the website speed by fixing the issues with it. I ran a check to see what the issues were that bog down the speed. Of these issues, which can I fix on my own without completely messing up the site? I do not know coding so I wouldn’t know where or how to start removing the unused Javascript. Any help or advice would be great.

@shiverman - Welcome to the forum. There are plenty of posts regarding your inquiry that are accessible by using the search function.

Truth is that much of what you see as issues can’t be addressed since many are out of reach and not tunable. A result of Webflow’ s choices.

You can influence scores by…

  • Limit loading of external scripts
  • Optimize images before uploading them (size and quality)
  • Limit the use of animations
  • Cleaning your classes
  • Reduce DOM size / depth

If you host externally you have more options but that requires more than NO Code skills.

So the issues that I posted above, can’t be corrected? My boss wants to see the page speed go back up,but if the large issues can’t be ressolved, i’m not sure what to do?


What Jeff is saying is there are some warnings you can’t completely remove but you can influence them.
Regarding JavaScript you mention, limit third party calls such as GTag and Webflow interactions (animations).

Search the forum on performance help, I have done some performance help before.

Performance score understanding is a very large topic and even bigger is resolution.
In the first instance work on the list of items Jeff describes.

I also assume the scores are for mobile?

Anyone reading who is interested, I specialise in this area with Webflow, PM me for more information.

Use Flowhub :slight_smile: it exports your site automatically to GitHub aswell speeds your site crazy up automatically.

Btw pagespeed scores as numbers is not a indicator how fast the website loads. A beginner mistake.

DM me for more.