Website page speed

Hello there! My site’s speed needs to be improved. I found that the performance of my webpages was abysmal using both Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights.

There are mainly Javascript issues, including unused JS, execution time, and minimizing main-thread work. My experience with custom code and JS is limited. What can I do to resolve these issues and improve my site’s speed?

The following have already been tried:

HTML, CSS, and JS minification
Removing unused classes
My performance score did not improve as a result of these tweaks.
How do I deleted unused code, or what else do I need to know to address these problems?
You can check my site here: Test De Griffor
Thanks in advance!

If Lightspeed is indicating that you have a lot of unused Javascript, it’d be worth checking to see if you have any unused Interactions - since these generate alot of unused code :female_detective:

You can check out the steps on how to do this here: Clean up unused interactions | Webflow Features

You can also check out these guides for some more optimization tips: