We've built the ultimate Webflow video hosting solution

Hey guys,

At Flowout, we understand the challenges that come with existing video hosting options for Webflow.

Expensive plans, video compression, lack of customization, steep learning curves (especially for non-coders), and distracting elements that drive traffic away.

That’s why we decided to create Vidzflow, a better alternative:

  • No video compression by Webflow
  • Affordable pricing
  • Lightning-fast video playback
  • Simple upload process and hassle-free embeds (no coding required)
  • Customizable player with a distraction-free viewing experience

You can sign up for free and test it out.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. We’d love to hear your feedback regarding the pricing and the product in general.

Looks interesting. Would this work for a hero section video? Do you have an example of a video hosted on Vidzflow that scales with the hero section? Thanks!

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Absolutely, Vidzflow can work for a hero section video. You simply upload your video and use the raw video link to embed it in the background.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific example on hand but the functionality is certainly there!

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