New video hosting for Webflow (with no limitations)

Hey Webflowers, I’m Gal from Flowout :wave:

When working on Webflow projects for our clients, we came across a lot of limitations with Webflow’s video hosting. So we decided to build a better alternative, optimized to make things easier for you :grinning:

Instead of stressing over things like:
:arrow_right: Webflow compressing your videos (which result in lower quality)
:arrow_right: Creating accounts on different video hosting platforms
:arrow_right: Annoying YT branding & links that steal your traffic
:arrow_right: Video buffering & long loading times
:arrow_right: 30MB video size limit

You get all this (and more):
:arrow_right: Customizable & clutter-free player
:arrow_right: No Webflow compressions
:arrow_right: Easy upload & embed
:arrow_right: No video size limit
:arrow_right: No code friendly

It’s still a work in progress, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

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This sounds awesome man. Is there a place where I can have a look or try it out?

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Hey Steve, appreciate your comment!

By now, Vidzflow is actually the only video hosting app on the marketplace - which means it seamlessly integrates with Webflow :slight_smile:

Check it out here: Vidzflow & Webflow Integration - Webflow Apps


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Sweet! I’ll check it out. Thanks Gal!

Can it autoplay a background video? There is currently a webflow problem and autoplay is disabled on webflow.