Weird Spacing in Grid

Hey guys.

I created a grid, that is supposed to scale from small rectangles into one compete background like this:

Basically I just created a small black rectangle in each section of the grid and scaled it from 0 to 1 using Webflow’s interactions.

However when the picture completes, I am having those strange white lines which is super weird because all the gaps are set to 0 and all grid elements are equal to each other:

Do you know what the case here is?

Ps. I noticed this is happening only in Chrome. In Safari and Edge it looks ok…
Thank you.

Hey @meetingingorkipark !

First of all, super cool interaction! :exploding_head:

Unfortunately I think this might just be a Chrome thing.

The reason I think so is because of some interesting behaviour you can see here when I open dev tools or resize my screen, the lines disappear: CleanShot 2022-07-24 at 12.14.18 · CleanShot Cloud