Slider glitch in Safari

Hey there,

I’m experiencing the following glitch while resizing the browser. This only appears in Safari. Please see video and share link below:

Any suggestions how to resolve this issue?


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Hi there,

I don’t think this a bug. It looks like stretching the browser back and forth quickly will cause this glitch. One thing to keep in mind here when we as devs are performing these sorts of tests is that it’s unlikely the end user would ever experience something like this.

It looks like the site is rendering as expected across all breakpoints in safari – the issue in the video only happens when changing the browser size very quickly.

Hi Brando, thanks for looking into this. I can understand that from your perspective this looks like it’s not a bug and that it’s only appearing when you resize the browser very quickly.

However my perspective is very different. I’m resizing the browser in a normal or even slow speed and the glitch is happening and I’d like to handover a site without anything like this happening… please see this new video:

You have to resize the browser very very slow to not experience this. The user would never resize the browser that slow.

Can you guys think of any solution for this?

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