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Weird Line underneith my H1s

Happy Sunday all,

I am experiencing a weird line underneith my H1s. Webflow - Cristiana's Website UX Designer

I have checked a few options e.g.

Style - underline , which just creates another thicker line underneath

I also dont believe I may have accidentally added a link to this as seen below
Screenshot 2021-03-07 at 15.32.14
Finally I checked the ‘all h1’ section and saw that there was no underline either.

I cant seem to think of another reason why this may be the case, anybody have any ideas.


What is your share link? Then we can view your site in the designer.

Sorry, my bad @jbleroux . Webflow - Cristiana's Website UX Designer

Your section for some reason has a text underline remove that and you are golden.

Amazing @jbleroux! that has worked. Many thanks!

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