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Weird background when hovering the link!

Hi all!
I got some link questions that i can’t find answers on.

  1. I got a main menu and when i hover the main link some weird grey background appears. My website is built on one of the templates included in Webflow. See the attached image. How can i remove this background?

  2. How can i put some hover effects, like text switch color when i hover it?

Questions probably seems a bit stupid but i really tried my best to find these answer s :slight_smile:

Hi @webbor

You can change the styles for when an item is “hovered” by selecting the item, then clicking on the little Pointer icon in the “Current Selector” field of the Styles tab, and choosing “Hover.”

This will allow you to then change any of the styles you want, to determine how that item will be displayed when a user hovers over it. For instance, you can change or remove the background color for these links if you want.

I hope that helps!


Hi Kyle and so much thanks for your help and the description in the pic! However, i did the same thing. I select the link and then choose “none” instead of hover but the grey background still appears.

Donno why?