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Weird Anchor Tag Scrolling Behaviour with Interactions

When you open the menu at the top of the site after it first loads without scrolling before hand and select any menu link ( each link links to a section on the page to scroll to), the fixed header goes either part way into the section, or partway above the section depending on which menu link you select … not sure why. However, if you scroll through the entire site so that each section appears (they’re each triggered by a scroll into view interaction) and then use the menu to select a menu link to scroll to it works correctly… I’m pretty confused on this, check out the video on whats happening below.>&s=8#.U_phLVNdVgs

Hi @jaidenraleach, do you have a public link to your site, that you could share? From your video, it looks like maybe there is some margin issues, but have to see the site to check that out :smile:

Cheers !

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reluctantly enables public link :stuck_out_tongue:

Each section has a 500 px margin on the top except for the first section under the hero (The Details Matter section). I had an idea it was the margin causing the issue but the menu link for the details matter section jumps into the middle of that section as well even though it has no margin :confused: