Nav link to section seems to briefly trigger its scroll-into-view animation

Hi - first off very happy to have found webflow and the vibe of everything in here:)

I have a ‘scroll’ section in my site which is replicated many times and animated so that the background image changes depending on which section is in view, and is seen through a ‘window’ as the user scrolls - I had to use this workaround as the inbuilt background image option doesn’t work on mobile.

Anyways it all works pretty well except when the user hits a navbar link, anchored to a section, which briefly flashes the image of the chosen section, before returning to the image of the current section (and then the page scrolls to the chosen section). So it seems somehow the scroll-into-view animation of the chosen section is being invoked for a millisecond despite not being scrolled to that section?

Hope that makes sense - my first website built with webflow so any help greatly appreciated as I have no idea how to debug this


Here is my public share link:
Note: seems like you have to leave preview mode and reenter it on first loading preview for animations to work