Animated menu not closing properly when clicking on anchored link


I am currently struggling with an animated burger menu and anchored links. The website site is predominantly on one page, click the burger and the menu opens, click a section title and it navigates to the relevant section and plays an animation to hide the menu again.

Issue being, I can not get the menu to hide properly with the interaction when it navigates down to the anchored link.

Is this something anybody has experienced before and is there anybody out there that would have a workaround for suggest a fix please?

Please note, the ‘Services’ button in the menu links to another page, the issue only occurs when clicking any of the other buttons (anchored links)

Many thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link:

Here is the website:

Hi Rory,
I seem to experience the same problem you’re describing, but as I can see you solved that. May I ask you how?

I’m building a one-page website. The navigation contains anchor links to the sections below. On desktop everything works fine. On mobile, as I built a burger menu, when I click on the menu items it scrolls to the requested section, but the animation is stuck.

I animated like this:

  1. When I click the burger icon, the menu appears. When I click again on the burger icon, the menu disappears.
  2. When the menu is open and I click on the menu item, the menu disappears. And here’s the struggle: if I click again on the burger icon, the menu doesn’t open again. I must click two times.

I guess it’s due to the mouse tap animation, which must have 2 taps. But in this case I only need one.

My public share link: Webflow - arxtrento

The website:

Thank you! <3
And your website is super cool.