Weglot Staging Environment


has anyone been able to create a staging environment when using Weglot in combination with Webflow? It would be so great to be able to review content changes, before it is automatically translated and published on subdomains.


Hello Petter,

Thank you for your message, I’ll be glad to help!

Actually, there are 2 different things that you can do here:

  1. You can set up a staging private environment on your side and set up Weglot on it, with the Javascript snippet, in order to work on your translations.
    After that, you’ll just have to set up Weglot on your live website using the same API key, by setting up the subdomain integration if needed. You would then use the translations created for the staging website.


  1. You can use the private mode:

Using the private mode, you’ll be able to see the translated pages, when logged into your admin. Your visitors won’t be able to see translated pages until you reactivate public mode. It’s useful to edit your translations and see how it looks on your website before publishing them to your visitors.
–>> You will find more info here → What is the private mode? - Help Center

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us to support@weglot.com, we will be glad to answer your questions.

Best regards,

Hi Max,

thanks for your feedback.

New content is solved ok. The challenge is all the tiny changes to existing content, that makes Weglot re-translate whole paragraphs. Most of our content has been manually touched - so this content is then retranslated by Weglot, creating frustration amongst our editors.