WeGlot language choice not constant when navigating between pages

Hey all!

I’m just wondering if this is a common issue with WeGlot or if anyone has a solution. I reached out to them directly and unfortunately their CS team was disappointingly unhelpful.

Basically when someone chooses French as the language on the site, as soon as they navigate away from the page, they need to choose French again, which is super annoying.

If anyone has any insight that would be much appreciated! TIA!


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Hi @Sam_Schwinghamer1 , thanks for the post, this can be tricky since the code that does the language switching is coming from Weglot, but one thing I noticed is that when I tested on the published site, there was an error from Weglot about the API being incorrect: Greentone Cannabis LA VIE E...

You might want to try contacting to Weglot about the API key, then ask them if they have a way to store the value of the language switcher into a cookie or if this is dependent on any custom domain settings, I know Weglot requires some custom domains to be setup special for their plugin.

Here is by the way the installation guide from Weglot if it helps: Webflow - Integration / Setup - Help Center

It may also be helpful to share what advice the Weglot team has for this, it might give some insight on a course of action.

I hope this helps!

Super helpful! Thanks so much @cyberdave!

The only suggestion I had from WeGlot themselves was to uninstall and reinstall the main code snippet, which didn’t help with anything.