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Weglot and Media links from Webflow

I am using Weglot to translate a website built in Webflow. I ran into an issue, when trying to translate the Media (Images with text or not on them) Weglot does not seem to change the images from one Language to the other. It seems Weblot cannot use the URL that Webflow generates when you uploading your images to webflow.

For example:



Both URLs resolve accordingly in a browser but they don’t render after you add them as “media translations” in Weglot. The only way that seems to work is to change the “image” element for an Embedded HTML element and adding an image tag in there.

That solution of swapping your image elements is not ideal for elements like a slider.

Has anyone experienced this problem before?

Edited, I found in a Weglot article this small not at the end of the article.

If it’s not the case, make sure that your image is generated with an src data attribute and that you don’t have a Lazyloading system on your website.

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