How to Translate Webflow Lightbox Video Url

Hi there,

I’ve created a page at:

When the user arrives on the site, they are presented with a playhead over an embedded video. Clicking the playhead opens a lightbox and loads an english-language youtube video (FIREARMS - YouTube )

When the user visits the site and selects “French” as their preferred language in Weglot, I’d like the lightbox to load a french-language video Armes à feu - YouTube

Is there a way to get Webflow and Weglot to work in this scenario? (I’ve opened a ticket over at Weglot as well - but am still waiting to hear back).

Here is my site Read-Only:

I’m unfamiliar with Weglot’s content handling options, but I’d imagine that you have some ability to hide/show elements depending on the language. If so, you can have the English lightbox, and the French lightbox, and show the appropriate one.

If that’s not a built-in feature, then as a last resort you’d be able to do this with script.