Wedding website - wishlist

I am creating our wedding website (only a draft as of now) and I would like to integrate a wishlist. So for example that there is an item like: flight to namibia, 10x chf 100.- available. And the users should be able to “purchase” the gift right from the website. Is that possible also without owning a business or similar? Asking because of the payment methods, taxes etc.

First of all congrats!
To sell online depends by your country, in mine you require a registered business that has a fiscal diciture compatible with online selling. What you should do if you require physical objects is to simply embed links to different stores, so that the purchase is not on your one, definetely you should just embed or send to a different store that has this feauture, like amazon for example Amazon Wedding (just one, there are plenty of this with probably gifts more appropriate for you)

Thank you for your help & the information!
However I don’t have physical products, it’s only about sending us money basically for our honeymoon. So I would only need to be able to integrate like a payment link or something similar, but I think a need to have a business for that.

For that yes, fiscally it would result in a sell if you want to directly let your friends to pay on site, and you will pay taxes and gateway payment fees. Different is instead if you let your user to make you pay with bank transfer directly from their bank, for that at least in my country you can justify small money transfers as gift directly and you will not pay taxes and neither fees for that

Great, that information helps a lot. I think it is the same thing in my country. Thank you very much for your help!