Website totally smashed on old iPad

Hello, guys.

I am running in weird situation.

On old iPad ( iOS 5.1.1, Safari browser) site looks all smashed while new iPad shows it fine.
It may be that Webflow doesn’t support iOS 5?

View from old iPad:

site url:


That is a really old iOS. I don’t think it has any support for VH, VW - doesn’t show on the chart.

Could that be the issue?

Yeah, I think that is the reason! There is a lot of VH VW dimensions!
Thank you!

Well, I told the customer that such old devices probably do not support properly modern standards of design. Showed him that on all other devices it works fine so he finally got satisfied.
Now I can at least be sure why that happened.

Your welcome! I was a wild guess, but I was thinking things would get pretty nutty without any height attribute for your divs :slight_smile:

If anyone else runs into this in a future search and has to support an older browser, I think maybe you could do a relatively simple fix as a redundant fallback through the custom code CSS. I think if you also set the body as 100% and then also declared immediately after using VH, modern browsers would use the latter and older browsers would probably ignore VH and use the 100%. But you would have to rely on percentages for all other styles. It would be a lot of work in retrospect without a find and replace in your case, but a code export of the CSS would build a tight simple hitlist.


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