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Ipad view different in Webflow and on Ipad

So I just uploaded a website which seems to work just fine in computer and mobile formats, however, it looks pretty terrible on an Ipad Air my client is using (the latest model, I believe).
This is really weird because I’ve made sure the website works fine on all formats in webflow, including the tablet version and mobile landscape and tried to look at the published site in reduced browser sizes.
The main problem is with excessive padding and jumbled up elements in the services section (probably due to this problem).
I have screenshots showing the view in both landscape and horizontal version, but don’t have an ipad to constantly check changes unfortunately… I call my client to ask him to refresh every time.
Can anyone help me fix this?

Here is my published site link:
or visit the actual hosted site, the one causing problems, at:

Here is the view only link:

Thanks so much!
I’ll post the screenshots in a reply to keep things organized

Although I cannot help, I can confirm this behaviour with our Webflow site: in Webflows iPad preview in desktop browser it looks fine, same pages on iPad hardware don’t.

Did you manage to figure it out somehow?

Not yet. As far as I remember the pages that don’t work correctly on iPad hardware show some “cards” designed with column/rows. What I may try some day is changing the design using Flexbox in order to see if this will work better on iPad hardware.

I think that might be what I have there now… Thanks anyway.
Webflow guys? Any input on this issue?

Hi @Tal_Mohr it looks like with a few design tweaks you can resolve the issues which you’re seeing on your site :smiley:

  1. Set your columns to still be at 4 columns for tablet view within your column settings:

  2. Make some design changes to your column settings to align your content to the bottom of each column (totally optional but can help with some design issues):

  3. Make some design changes to your H2 elements:

Be sure to adjust your tablet view styles as is needed. If you’re still seeing an issue after making these adjustments please let me know and I’m happy to look into it further right away.

@Waldo, Sadly, it didn’t work…
I changed everything just as you said, and also changed the section padding to percentage, just in case. Still not working. It didn’t even change a little…

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