Web fonts taking too long to load

I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but when my published pages load (every time), the wrong fonts show up for a brief moment before the correct fonts load. The title-sized font appears to be Comic Sans. This looks very tacky. Is this something I can prevent from happening?

pw/ “civic”
(See /about/history for an example of this problem.)

Here is my site published: LINK
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@scottiejhaines Hi, i think this might be depending on your internet speed but how does your fonts load in? is it typekit or custom uploaded fonts?

Correct me if im wrong but i think it should be Arial that is your backup font for you Headings and body.


Hi @scottiejhaines

Have you tried uploading as custom fonts instead to see if that prevents the delay?

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I’m using Google Fonts.

Hi @scottiejhaines,

I took a look at your site and seems you have ‘Arial’ as the typography style for the body.

If you are not using this font on your site, can you please try to change it for all body pages to a different font?

On my example here, I’m using ‘Oswald’, however I’d suggest, changing to the font you’d like to use as default for your site.

Please let me know if this solves the problem - If not, I’m happy to help further!

I tried changing the H1 and Body defaults, yet I still get Comic Sans loading for title sized fonts.


Thanks for letting me know! Can you try to download the font from Google, then upload it as a custom font?

Let me know if this solves the issue - If not I’m happy to help further.

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