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Website relaunch bad for SEO

Hey Community,

is a website relaunch always bad for SEO or is it done the right way its doesn´t matter?

I ask, because I had a relaunch of a big site this year. Now after a few months of analytics and new conditions it would be the best for a complete version 2.0. The only worries I have are about the SEO.


If the previous website had SEO juice, you have to take care of this, by making sure the old URLs have a counterpart on the new site. This is handled with 301 redirects.


Hey @vincent,

thank you. But is there any other down side for a relaunch or if I make my 301 redirects SEO is safe?

So in theory, I could say we’re doing a relaunch every 3 months and as long as I keep in mind the 301 redirects, the SEO is safe?

Sorry but I´m really a noob at SEO :sweat_smile:


Anyone who can help, please?

I’m no expert but I think this can help –

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Hi @mikelson,

thank you for your reply. I will read this article, but at first glance it doesn´t looks like I get from there the answer.

Hi Maurice,

From the years where I have done SEO, it does help to keep the same page and link structure etc.

Make sure you get Google to recrawl your site asap to reduce any lag times.

There will often be small dips in your SEO, but Google tends to trust your domain over everything else, so as long as you are improving your site it will always have a long term effect in your SEO.

I re-launched a friends hair salon website. She fell off page 1 for “hairdresser joondalup” (her suburb), but after 4 weeks she was back to no.1

Hi @DylanUrquhart,

so if I keep my page structure and link structure I´m pretty safe or?

Thank you for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

Ideally yes, but where you can’t, I would use 301 redirects - which you can do in the Settings console in Webflow

Not always.The key reasons dip in the website ranking after the relaunch of website are:
1.Missing content
The content which used to attract traffic to a particular site will stop making rank if it is deleted from the website after the relaunch.
2.Some of the changes in the internal linking structure.
3.Technical disorders in the new website.
4.Changes in Java script rendered content.

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