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Website publishing issues

Hi All

I have published a client website and there are some distorted elements on it. Margin size, interactions, and map aren’t performing correctly especially on tablet and mobile. Here’s the public link


Client Site

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

also point to where exactly problems are.

Hi Vincent

Thanks for your attention

public link

The mobile view :

  • the first head title is thrown down, it should be next to the man’s image
  • the 2nd slider titled " Businesses". Slide 3 is out of place and hidden
    -the map disappears on the view mode, also street address can’t be entered, it accepts area name only
    -there is gray margin on the right that is visible after exporting

On tablet view:

  • the site is unavailable after exporting

On desktop view:

  • the subtitle text under " our achievements" is not centred on view mode
  • map street address can’t be entered

That is what I have noticed, let me know from your end

If i look on, I don’t witness the desktop bug. Also what “can’t enter street adress” means?

Full street address returns error in the address field. It only accepts area name, no street name, block, building number etc

On mobile view : The testimonial sections has hidden text

I have corrected all sections that had a problem, and I am left with the mobile portrait view as the Businesses sliders are off place.

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