Website publishing blank

I’ve been editing my website for a while and it has been super glitchy in preview mode so I wanted to publish to see if it would act normal and when I publish it is completely blank…please help :confused:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi Norah, try unpublishing and republish it.
It doesn’t appear to exist at all on staging - I’m guessing that’s where you’re looking.

I just tried republishing and it still shows up blank

ok I see it now, but I have to reload the page like 10 times…will it be like this when I connect it to my actual domain?

I didn’t have to reload but it seemed slow to me, maybe your interactions or scripts are too heavy or your images are not optimized?

Any ideas of how could I fix that?

Ha ha, the holidays were fun weren’t they. Time to take it to the gym.

I haven’t analyzed your site, but the general guidance would be-

  • Optimize all of your images, reduce to relevant sizes and convert to WEBPs
  • Review your interactions, make sure they are needed and well-built
  • Review / eliminate any loading screens or A/B whiteout delays
  • Review your scripts, cut the unnecessary stuff

You can go much further than that with a reverse-proxy setup that handles the asset optimization and caching, and I do that frequently for clients with much larger professional sites that need the performance and SEO.

I think yours was a portfolio? If so you may want to focus on the improvements you can make manually.

Ok good to know thank you I will look into this!