Website Pages Redirecting to 404 error page when published

im in a pickle, my website pages are being redirected to the 404 error page when published and i have no idea what’s wrong. at first i thought it was the embeded code which kept saying 'custom code not validated. incorrect code may cause issues with the published website" so i deleted all the embeded codes on all my pages and published the searched on google for the specific page and when i clicked it it once again went to 404 error page. whyyy does this keep happening someone please help. its not giving me any warnings or anythiing

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

when you go on the home page which works and scroll down to footer and access the other pages it works but when the other pages are on their own and someone clicks on it on google or safari it goes to 404 error.

Your website is not hosted on Webflow, so you need to look at your configuration on your server to figure out how you’re redirecting.

Looks like you’re running on Fastly.

its hosted on godaddy, any way i can fix this so it doesnt redirect my pages to 404 error

Hi @harmony, I’m having the same issue. could you please tell me how to solve this?

@harmony and @andrewyos what are your published site domain names?
I cannot see anything from Harmony’s readonly link.

Or are you only talking about the staging site?

Hi @memetican, could you please check on this link Webflow CMS items redirect to 404 ? I also added my read only link here

or do you think its how my slug is setyp

also here’s the link to my website

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Hey Andrew, solution is in your other thread.

You site looks fine at the link you sent;
Where are you experiencing a 404?

I’ll need that link too.

Hi, I’m having this issue too! Anyone have any tips/fixes? Thanks in advance!