Keep getting 404 on my website

Completely stuck.

Keep getting 404 on my website. Used a template and now keep getting 404 on my “M3 Shots” tab.

Can anyone help?

(Webflow - Ash Personal Website)

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @Ash_fish,

Would you be able to post the published site URL? It would be great if you could also include the link that’s returning the 404 error.


@Ash_fish on which page is the 404?

It would help if you can also share a published version, so we can also check it.

It seems you only have 3 pages that are published and the rest is a draft. If you try to go to a draft page, you’ll get 404 since it’s not published

The only pages that you can access on published mode are:
Ash Blog

yea the subscribe page keeps giving me a 404.

here is the published link.

On the Navbar if you click on “M3 shorts” you will get a 404 and i don’t understand why.

Hi @Ash_fish,

Would you be able to try loading the link in an incognito window? It’s possible that you had a 301 redirect set up previously and have since removed it but your browser has cached the redirect.

It’s working fine for me:

awesome. it worked.

but how do i make sure it works everywhere and also tell my browser it works :joy:?

Hi @Ash_fish ,

You can clear your cache - here are instructions for Chrome: Clear cache & cookies - Computer - Google Account Help

It should work for everyone else - I think this issue is just on your browser :smile:

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