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Website not responsive on mobile horizontal view

I would really need support on 2 problems i am encountering:

  1. starting from the tablet view my slider goes crazy and shows half current slide and half of the following slide. I sense the problem may be connected to the navbar, but cannot really understand exactly to what and how to solve it

  2. the horizontal mobile view of the slider is not responsive (while all the other views are correct, indipendently from the problem i mentioned at point 1) . the drop down menu is cut (cannot see the “news” link) and the buttons in the slides are hidden.

i treid to follow the tutorial to make the hero sectionfill the browser window, it could be that between the navbar and the slider i made some mistakes which are creating problems on responsiveness

here’s my website

Any suggestion is very welcome!
thanks a lot

Looks fine to me. Or did you fix it?

Hello, thank you for your feedback.
I didn’t fix it.
Actually when you see the preview mode in webflow you can only spot problem 1.

I published the website at
if you access via mobile you can see that the horizontal view is not responsive (even if in the webflow preview all looks fine) . see the example screenshot from my iphone

Any idea?
Thank you

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