Website link with extra letters and number on the adress link

Hi our website now show letters and numbers at the end of the link, what is this and how can we get disable this extra letters and numbers ? it give us problems with our trackings

This is the link : Bonjour-santé | Abonnements

This is the extra characters that appears suddently at the end: ?_fs=16416078363-15134919205

You are doing a number of unusual things regarding geo-filtering and redirects that may be involved. I had to use a VPN to access your site.

However you can see the _fs querystring params directly in your nav links.


If you did not add them there intentionlly, then it’s likely they were added by scripts. Two primary suspects here. Funnelytics is the most likely culprit, but Google Optimize could be involved as well.


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Hi thanks a lot ! it was the Funnelytics that we install few days ago, very helpfull ! :slight_smile: