Í'm getting traffic obv. intended for another URL! Help!

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  • Edit - just thought it might be useful to mention I own “ingenou.com / .co.uk / .ch /” and all redirect to the .com*

I have an interesting problem and I want to be sure I’m not going to be penalised for something that I’m not intending to do (high bounce-rate/typosquatting etc!)

4 days after posting my site live, I’ve had a couple of hundred visits (yey) and it seems (using analytics) that they are actually meant for some other URL (boo).
I am not trying to typosquat and I can’t tell what URL they are trying to get too, I can only see the subfolders they are intending to reach.


or perhaps this is more instructive a bit

“/nl/retail/controle/login” is not (nor has ever been) a folder on my site, so I presume they are going to a typoed URL or someone has created a link in an organisation that is a typo, thing is, I cant tell what the address is that they are trying to get to.
There is an “ignou” university in india, but my traffic is not exclusively from India but I think this might be the likely culprit.

Is there anyway to find out the whole address that people were trying to get to? Can I nicely redirect them to somewhere with a 301 or something that isn’t going to look suspicious or like I’m trying to catch traffic?!

I’m a novice Analytics/Search console user so any help would be appreciated!

Many thanks in advance for any help!

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