Website is having problems with interactions and Nav Menu

UPDATE: I am adding and revising some info so people with similar problems can see it.

My website stopped working on March 2 after updating and publishing it. The problem causes the menu and interactions to not work. Also my website is supposed to have a video background on the homepage as well as a coupe interactions, but instead everything shows up as blank. This problem is also affecting the homepage.

This is how it is supposed to load:

But this is how it actually ends up loading

I have tested it on the following browsers listed below and all the listed problems prevail.

Macbook: Safari 6-9 --> Does not work
Macbook Safari 10 --> Works

Chrome 45-56 --> Works
Chrome 40 --> Does not work

Android Browser 4-5 --> Does not work

Safari iOS 6-9 --> Does not work
Safari iOS 10 --> Works

Internet Edge 13-14: --> Works
Internet Explorer 11 --> Works
Internet Explorer 8-10 --> Does not work

Firefox 25-51 --> Works

Opera 11-12 --> Does not work

Windows Phone: os 8.1 --> works

Website is

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Let me know if you find a fix, the problem only seems to be with Safari.

Hi @Azfar_Chattha, the background video only shows for iOS 10 and later devices. As of iOS 9.x, background video does not play.

I would advise to create a second div and put a background image to that div, and show the video only on desktop, and a background image for tablet and lower viewports.

Regarding the interactions, can you specify which interaction, a screenshot is helpful there.

Thanks in advance!

Would this bug be a prediction that interactions 2.0 is finally coming? :scream:

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