Website in not centeret on mobile

Hi alle,

When I visit my website on the mobile it doesnt show the oper logo: “Fisker IT” and it is not centeret.
When I scrool down a couple of scrools it corrects itself.

I hope someone can help :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hello @VFJ99,

I think your problem is because your heading’s width container is bigger than your mobile display’s width. You could change the dimensions so it fits according to your display size. Also, another thing you can do is to set the overflow property to hidden for each container that is outside the display dimensions. I hope this helps.

Thanks a lot - I might need some more guidance on how to perform your suggestions. Is that in any way possible ?

I made a video so hopefully this will help you!

Thats greats guys… thanks a lot. I am blown away by the time you put into this to help :smiley:
@Noah-R can you make the video available for a longer period? I have to look into this stuff after work so its a bit hard to find time. Also - Are you available for hire to look at the whole website to make it better working? I really need someone that can help with all that - You can go ahead and write directly to my email: vfj@ fisker - it . dk if ypu are interested

Yes, I am available for hire! Is your email

vfj @

Hi @Noah-R
I just dont want my email on the web like that :slight_smile:

So just remove the seperations vfj @

I am looking forward hearing from you.