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Layout error on Chrome and Mobile

Hello Lovely Webflow Forum,

I try to finish my Website but there is some Issue at Google Chrome I just see a small part of the Head Image on Safari and Firefox it looks good, also on the Mobile site there is some space on the right site but I don’t know from where.

Thanks for your help

much love Mustafa

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here the link to the domain:

How it should look like

how it looks on Chrome

Hi @Mustafa_Miljkovic, thanks for your post, I would give your hero section a width of 100%, see here:

The overflow is something else, but I also see you have overflow set to hidden on the body, so with that set, there will be no vertical scroll, was that your intention?

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chrome layout is now working with the 100% maybe Im not understanding how overflow exactly works I want to scroll down but at mobile view the page is not fixed so I thought I can hide overflow on the body cuz of the big pictures so the page is fixed and don’t move to the right side out.

I hide overflow because of the large image the layout was not fixed and the page was like flying. how to fix the page right so its fixed also on mobile and don’t move away? Also the Hero Rotator Galaxy Image is now flying over my “Team” section all the text is behind now :mask:

thanks alot for your help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: