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Website form notifications

Once again I have stopped receiving an email telling me someone left me a form request on my website. Webflow keeps fixing this, I start receiving them, the a week or so later I get a call from an angry customer/potential customer telling me I am ignoring them. so I contact webflow again. Anyone else have this issue? Im getting a bad reputation.

Hey @Sully,

I have not experienced this personally. It sounds frustrating and buggy :frowning:
Does that happens on all of your projects? few of them? only one?

I only have one website. But it happens all the time.

Is your mail service through G-Suite? I haven’t had issues with Webflow or exported sites but others suggested that we add a specific Google DNS (SPF) record to help with the domain email reliability.

What feedback are you given? Could it be that emails are forwarded to the end user by the client and they are then clicking the unsubscribe link?

I’m having this same issue. It’s very frustrating. Is there a solution to this?