What do you use for wireframing?

Looking at all the options to wireframe with for PC. This list is quite daunting any recommendations. Thinking I might want to do it more on a tablet so it is more like a pad and paper. Anyone find one they love?


I work with Mockups—ex Balsamiq Mockups—on desktop, and you can use their iPad app to design with too. I tried a lot of apps along the way and this is the one I keep coming to, because it’s simple and efficient. You can see example of it in context at the end of this page http://vincentbidaux.myportfolio.com/australia-australie-web-design-markup-drupal

Thanks for the reply Vincent. Will check it out.

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Pencil & Paper :wink:

the cheapest solution


I use Balsamiq Mockups as well. And it allows actual linking of pages in your mockup. Unlike “pencil and paper.” @PixelGeek :smile:

I use pen & paper or markers and a white board. Then go straight to Webflow for the build after that’s approved. :slight_smile:

I think i’m leaning to pencil and paper too until i have time to learn a new program. I started playing with a few but I can sketch something out way faster and if i want to make it didgital maybe I use a tablet to draw it on in a notepad program. Thanks for the input. Appreciate it.

Axure - great scope of functionalities; quite good as a general drawing/ sketching editor, as well.

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Or Webflow. :smiley:

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I also use a pencil and paper to wireframe. :smiley:

It’s nice to be able to take a break from the computer and go off and think.

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Wireframes can be pencil drawings or sketches on a whiteboard, or they can be produced by means of a broad array of free or commercial software applications. Dozens of solutions are now available for wireframe/prototyping, it is difficult to choose the “best” one. Axure is a good tool, but it is clunky. I prefer some fast and light tools like Mockplus. It allows me totally focus on the design instead of spending time on learning the design tools. There are not many buttons distract me. It really saves me much time to create my project. Hope it useful to you as well. :grinning: