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Website Compatibility

Hi the website I created in Webflow is working fine in Chrome and Safari but not in IE and Firefox

here is the link

Can you help

Below are some screenshot of it in firefox

Hi @Willash029, sorry for the late reply. I did take a look at the site in Firefox and IE and chrome , but I am not getting the same results as you are seeing, I can see the site looks the same in all the browsers. See my screenshots attached.

IE 11:

One other thing, when looking at the site, I noticed you have a few margins set with negative margins or padding, and IE and Firefox are notoriously bad at handling negative values in CSS, so I would strongly suggest not to use negative values combined with percentage widths on your site.

I hope this helps, if you still have issue, I would consider also minifying the CSS and HTML on your site during export, that can also help. Cheers, Dave