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Website appears glitched out in a mac on chrome

Hi! My website looks great on my phone and on my computer.

I sent it to a friend and the font looks all glitched out and looks really weird.

He is using chrome on a macbook. Any solutions? Thanks!

My website is :

Hi @alfonsorodz, I believe the issue may be, that there is a custom font being used on your site, and only the OTF version of the font is uploaded to Webflow. For maximum browser compatibility, upload the TTF, OTF, EOT and WOFF versions of the font and enable those on your site. Then save changes and republish.

If you do not have these other versions of your font, then go to a site like and use the Webfont Generator tools to generate the needed Webfont versions.

More info on using Custom Fonts:

Try checking that, I hope this helps, Cheers, Dave