Website appearance on different resolutions

Hello everyone, I’m very new to website design but I have a question. Is it possible to lock your website to one look and appear the same way to every resolution and device?
For example, my website is looking good on the base breakpoint, but as soon as I change from full screen to a windowed version in the browser or open it from my phone the site Is breaking apart. I’ve seen websites created in Webflow that are locked to one look and no matter the resolution they look the same everywhere. Is that through a custom code or something?
I apologize for any wrong terms I’ve used since I’m not familiar with website design.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Flistudios

Hey @valentinevankov

Main issue I see on your site is that you are not letting elements fall naturally but are rather forcing them to a certain spot via moving them with relative positioning. You should avoid that especially for centering elements as there are other approaches for getting there such as flexbox or grid.

I’d recommend circling back and watching more webflow tutorials to get a better grasp for things and how they are supposed to be done.

Flow Ninja Team