Webflow Workshop - 5 tips and tricks for the Webflow Designer

Ever wondered:

  • how to style Rich Text blocks for dynamic content?
  • when to use VW/VH for your designs?
  • what open graph is all about?
  • how you can add texture to your background videos?
  • how to do that layer effect as seen on History-of-Animation.webflow.io ?

I’ll be going over all of this as well as your questions and your designs tomorrow at 10am pacific time.

See you there!



Will you explain the rabbit layer effect in http://history-of-animation.webflow.io/ site?
I’ll be there anyway :smile: ,as usual !

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yup! It’s on my list. It’s really simple. :wink:

Was there a Monday Motivation today? :wink:

I’ll be recording and posting soon!

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@PixelGeek Any update on the Monday Motivation yet?

PS: and I am secretly bumping this page to remind my European friends about tomorrow’s workshop… But don’t tell any one. :kissing::wink:

@VladimirVitaliyevich he posted it to YouTube about 5 hours ago :smiley:

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Oops, must of missed it. Sorry about that. Thanks for the update @Syndicate15 .

At least my secret mission was fulfilled. :smile::wink::+1:

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I’ll be tuning in! Interested in the layer effect.

So good you should do this everyday. :wink::+1:

but what about the people that send in help tickets? :wink: I need to help them too.

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Haha, no, I see, guess I will have to wait till Webflow grows bigger for daily videos. But I’m not worried, with the rate you are expanding I will be glad to see what is coming up in the future. :wink::+1:


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