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User login and registration functionality update?

Hey guys,

This wish list has been voted a lot for the past years and just wanted to know Webflow team’s take on it since there’s no update at all and there’s like a follow-up comment every month/week.

Our team’s been looking to add a membership login on our website since 2 years ago when we joined Webflow. There’s a possibility we’ll be looking at this again next year.


Would love an update too

Hi, just FYI, I posted a thread today about this. You can use this really affordable option for now. And it doesn’t take a lot of work to implement, with good support. Take a look:

Thank you so much Gary!

I just read and looks like an interesting update, the simple members area is actually what we’re looking for in one of the projects. I may contact the developer as I have a few more questions.

I still would love an update from the Webflow team, though. Like you said, it’s not easy to build such functionality, I just want to get a heads up if there’s a consideration for it at all. Otherwise, there may be reasons why we have to use a different platform in our next projects.

Hi @nabbiechan

If you can tune in live to this tomorrow: Webflow Workshop #108: Q&A with Webflow CEO Vlad Magdalin

You can ask CEO Vlad himself - if you can’t make it, i’ll make a note to ask for you!


Yep I hear ya. As you can imagine, with such popularity of Webflow, the engineering team has to be swimming in excited possibilities. When you build a start-up, the thought really never goes Global, but that’s exactly what has happened. Now, one thing is for sure, without a sound business plan and clear focus - Success can be just as dangerous! All of us have the same goal - to make Webflow our go to solution. I think our input not only helps keep them excited, but the deep experience of those moving from top of line platforms, will undoubtedly drive their focus.

This type of feature is sure to come!

As for Sitelok, I promise you, one of my core skills is research! I normally take a long time before commitment. It is the best merge for quick deployment I could find. The support was fabulous and the best part is; they’ve taken time to write in-depth help manuals. Which says a lot about their product. Definitely give them a try.

Oh and it’s only $40 one-time payment!!! And you own the software! :sunglasses:

Great idea @StuM, that would be a perfect question. I wonder if I shoot them the Vibralogix site to show them how they did it.

Oh man, I live in Australia so the question would be if I’ll be able to make it at 5am my time. But If you don’t see me, please bring the question up! I’ll be watching the livestream replay later.

Exactly my thoughts on Webflow. We all wish for Webflow to be successful, so we hope to hear from them soon.

As for the software, I’ll definitely make time today to check it out, thanks for the suggestion!

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The problem isn’t the missing function, but lack of communication from Webflow team. Especially on the threads that are years old and constantly requested by users. We all understand that developement takes time, but a lack of communication on these core functions makes it very difficult and frustrating especially for us designers…


why not come to the live stream tomorrow :slight_smile:

Can you guys set up a zoom call? Would be way easier to have meaningful discussion…also is there a way to suggest a “merge” of this thread with other thread?

@garymichael1313 Thank you for sharing, seems like a promising solution!

this is going to be a YouTube live stream so that way everyone can ask their question tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Sure thing… and @FilipSipos we care about you! :hugs: ha.

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Well when the livestream is at 5am my time, it may be difficult, but I will do my best to go :blush:

Just want to second this, definitely agree.

The stream will be recorded. Also, you’re more than welcome to ask your question in the thread and I’ll ask it live on the stream.

For me, updates is the area that still needs work…and the lack of, might make some people think they don’t care, however…

The team definitely care, the whole reason for Webflow is to empower us, the designers, and to do that they are steadily/sustainably building a team to evolve the product, rather than going for broke or being acquired/swallowed up by a big player.

The team seems to be growing this past year which is encouraging.

Updates are difficult to find a balance with - not wanting to over-promise, commercial sensitivity, investors, and us the users - most of us get the fact that it’s difficult to give strict deadlines and release dates in this type of service.

Earlier this year I was pleased with the blog post response to this thread, from Bryant which reassured many of us: What's up with the Wishlist?

Updates other than IX2 and Search have been a little quiet since…but i’m holding on to the fact the new canvas means things should be shipped faster, @PixelGeek mentioned a new community manager, and a relaunch/revamp of how the wishlist is managed - i’m hoping these things will go some way to improving the ‘updates’ issue…

As Nelson says, we can ask for an update on updates on the livestream!



Hi @nabbiechan

As I understand it login and membership features are unlikely to be built in 2018 - Vlad updates on this question just after the hour mark on the stream.


Thanks for this! I woke up in time for the livestream but fell asleep after a few minutes…

Have watched a bit concerning the question and It’s good to hear from Vlad addressing this. Understandable, but sad to hear.
I’ll watch the whole replay later.

SOOOO disappointing to hear that.

I don’t really understand it, @nabbiechan . As Vlad said himself, he has noticed lots of people requesting this feature.

As Cross site copy/paste and the Search feature drop off the Wishlist in the next month or two, Login/Registration functionality will likely be No.2 or even No.1 on the Wishlist. It will be the most requested and therefore the most sought after feature for Webflow users.

There are so many other features already in ‘backlog’ or ‘planned’ that are not such common user cases. Otherwise, what’s the point of the Wishlist in the first place?

Surely, @callmevlad, Webflow can’t continue to put off implementing this feature for much longer. Just look at the comments on the wishlist.

Don’t get me wrong, I think you and your Webflow team are doing an amazing job and I’m sure that we are all excited to see what goodies Webflow will provide us in 2018, but please do have a re-think about this feature and how you could possibly implement it next year. It would be a total game changer in attracting a wealth of new customers, for both you and us.

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